Twist a Word provides a full array of language and business services. Our translation services range from simple document translations to business interpreting, multilingual research and website localization. With our network of qualified
and experienced translators, interpreters, proofreaders and researchers, we are able to provide you with quick and accurate results for all your language needs.

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Translation Services

“TEP” means Translation, Editing and Proofreading by different translators. The result: the highest possible quality! Whether you need to translate your company’s website, a letter for a friend, a technical manual or a medical paper, check our areas of specialization: We’ve got what you need.

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Interpretation Services

Simply put, translation deals with written communication, whereas interpreting is all about the spoken word. If you are hosting a big event and you need a team of simultaneous interpreters or you are assisting to an important meeting and you would like a native speaker to go with you, our team will be ready to assist you.
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Language Training

Whether you need a short intensive course for your next vacation or you want to plan a year-long training for your staff, we will cater to your needs! Personalized lessons for everyone, in-house or at our language center: Whatever suits you best!

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